Jess Davis

I’m a climate reporter for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, with more than 7 years experience in radio, TV and online. 

I predominantly work as a video journalist shooting both vision and stills on the Lumix GH5 and occasionally iPhone, including for live crosses. I edit using Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Lightroom.

I speak Arabic, German and Swedish, with an honours degree in political science and Arabic. I’m also an avid outdoors person, rock climbing, trail running and gravel riding. 


The battle over brumbies

ABC Landline/August 2021

There is a magic about Australia’s high country, where in winter, deep snow blankets the ground. But the peace of the mountains hides a conflict that has driven the community there apart. A conflict over horses.

A 15 minute TV story and interactive digital piece on the deep divide over the fate of Australia’s feral horses known colloquially as brumbies. 

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